Stuff Ya Face: It’s Pancake Tuesday

It’s Stuff Ya Face with Pancakes Day! Or as some would say, “Shrove Tuesday”…. But what the nutella does that even mean?… Well, it was originally a day to head to the nearest confessional and clear out all those little {or big…. – you badass you!} lies that might have hurt others (or ourselves). For some, this is still the case as they enter 40 Days of Lent (the period up until Easter). But for lots of people, it’s simply a time to start thinking about how we can be more compassionate and selfless human beings. Perhaps also what areas of our lives we want to do better in. For me: I want to do better at eating less pancakes.   But how can I…

Everything a first-time mum-to-be needs to know….

The Baby Workshop Image 1

There’s a reason we don’t often do Pregnancy & Baby Expos with our maternity collection by sorella organics. They are quite simply too overwhelming, too busy, too noisy, and (in my opinion) consist of just an unbearable amount of information for any one person to take in. With so many brands, in one HUGE venue, it must be so hard to make choices and decisions of what’s best for mum and her family? In fact, I wonder if some mums come out MORE confused than she was when she went in?!! There’s only one Pregnancy Event we are currently a part of, and the reason is simple – it’s a small, beautiful, stress-free event – full of great information and advice so first-time mums don’t have to spend their entire pregnancy…

My life mission: To rid the world of man’s ugly, pilly, baggy track pants and thigh-high polyester shorts

Fathers Day Gift - owens short in evening sky

It’s fathers day in little over 8 days in Australia. Time to celebrate the men in our life. And if your dad is anything like mine (sensitive, grumpy, a little needy, a lot argumentative, and always right…. But also generous, kind-hearted, supportive, totally lovable, and worth enduring the annoying first listed traits) – then might I suggest you avoid risking the ordinary this fathers day? The ordinary being, an ordinary blah blah father’s day gift. My dad always says he doesn’t want anything. But I’ve never seen him turn down a box of Darrell Lea Chocolates come the big day (He has to rely getting those from one of my sisters’ these days though as there are questions whether they ethically source their cacao…. Poor dad). So this year…

If you can’t cope with my unhelpful-help, perhaps buy a headscarf?

Maybe if you have a problem with people helpnig you, get yourself a headscarf like the Queen - might help block out the noise. image by Wireimage

You’ve read them too right? Those blog posts/articles/rants that do the rounds from someone on their high horse with their List of Things You Should Not Say To Them When They are in X Situation? I hate those lists.  25 things not to say to a woman who is struggling to fall pregnant 174 things not to say to a woman over 30 going through a break up 4062798 things not to say to someone with depression I really really hate those lists. If we all get around stifled with fear for saying the wrong thing, that means nothing will be said at all. And if nothing is said it all, surely we’d end up wondering why the bloody-hell no one cares? I get it. Sometimes when you are…

Hello: Honey You Baked!

HYB Wash Away Play original

We are trhilled to have Mel from Honey You Baked! guest blog for the sorella-hood today! {side note: isn’t that THE cutest blog name going around?} Honey, You Baked! ~ are Danni & Mel, two Friends and Mamas who used to work together in Sydney and now blog together – states apart. Two Mamas, Makin’ & Bakin’ in Sydney & Tassie. Mel lives in Hobart on a hectare of rural land where she is raising two kids and a husband (Miss E, Master O and A1). She is a Social Media Whiz, has a great love of Tasmanian Cheese & Wine and does everything at the last minute (I think Mel might be my soul-sister, she sounds an awful lot like me – minus the social media…

3 things no.4! || nina, sisters & puppies

image credit: Network Ten Australia

Time for another edition of 3 things! (I can just FEEL your utter excitement. Yes. Read on my friend). 3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.4  #1 That Offspring is over. For good. (Apparently) Nina makes me feel “normal”. If this is the end, who is going to make me feel normal now? Are you sad too? Group hug?   #2 I found the best birthday card

The Mary Poppins Drawer of Possibility (+ a little giveaway)

The Mary Poppins' Drawer of Fun {note the naughty puppy on the bottom right attacking my plant}

Does this look familiar?… Yes. It’s that one drawer in your house that is the family’s dumping ground. Need a hair elastic? A Panadol? An allen key to put together your new Ikea furniture? This is where you’ll find one. I like to call it: The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun. I think I am a reasonably organised person, but for some reason The Mary Poppins Drawer of Fun is completely UNorganised – mostly with take away menus that have been tried (or the intention to try). And as we have moved house 3 times in the last 4 years, we have quite the impressive collection of Melbourne’s finest (and not so fine) take-away menus.

The case of the mysteriously appearing Nappies


Regulars to the sorella-hood will know that I recently moved house (- and survived, although this mid-move pic may lead you to believe otherwise): Moving house provides the opportunity for discovery: That earring you lost 2 years ago The spare car key (you blamed your husband for losing) in the pocket of the shorts you wore all summer The receipts you desperately needed for last years tax return And then there are the discoveries of other things. Things that you had no idea were residing in your house in the first place. Here’s an example: Three quarters of a pack of boys nappies There’s nothing extraordinary about these nappies. They are just your regular run of the mill disposable nappies. The extraordinary part is that I don’t know…

3 things no.3! || nanas, love & mandarins

Friends for life (and in ma belly)

Time for another edition of everyone’s favourite game – 3 things! 3 things I learnt/realised/randomly thought about this week || no.3 #1 Nana’s can be cruel You know it’s time to book an emergency hair appointment when your 90 something glasses-wearing-nana says: “Oh look at those roots Anna. Are you growing your hair out to go back to your natural colour?” Touché Nana. Touché. #2 That I quite possibly have had too many failed relationships ‘Nuff said really. Or if you now find yourself more intrigued read this for a laugh: The Tragically Failed Relationships Mix Tape. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> #3 Mandarins are a sometimes food It’s mandarin season in Australia. I would like to warn everyone though that a mandarin is no substitute for chocolate during a craving. No matter what…

sorella sale time!

sale FB cover photo BW

If you are a sorella-devotee you will note we don’t have sales very often. But it’s the ‘end of financial year’ here in Australia, and with that it means: tax time. And with tax time comes stocktake. And with stocktake comes sitting on the floor for countless hours, days even, counting lots and lots of PJs. You will probably know from my whingeing that I moved house this past week. I survived by the way – but it’s not yet the end. There’s a mountain of boxes still around me and I have been forced to create a very strategic ‘valley’ throughout the house to enable me to get to the most important places one needs – the fridge and the bed. I have even bribed the delivery guy…

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